Kwame Akowuah, M.d.

Be Your Full Self via Thoughtful Psychiatry

Most of us will experience the need for mental health support at some point in our lives. I strive to provide support, insight, and avenues for change through psychotherapy, medication, practical interventions, emotional support, and understanding.

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NYC Psychiatry

My practice is currently based in New York City and preference will be given to persons residing in this general area. I am also happy to treat you if you reside elsewhere within New York State, or additionally in the state of Texas & Oregon

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Telehealth Psychiatry

All services are currently via telehealth.

Board Certified

I hold board certifications in General Psychiatry (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology), and in Addiction Medicine (American College of Addiction Medicine

My Philosophy

There is growing awareness of the importance of mental health in day-to-day life. Much of the time we are able to address those needs on our own, or through family, community, spirituality and/or movement based practices. But sometimes for one reason or another, professional help is sought. That assistance can take many forms, and in many if not most most instances psychiatric treatment is not necessary or indicated. But sometimes being able to talk to a psychiatrist can be a big help, whether for a short consultation or in an ongoing way. 

My belief is that the  goal of psychiatric treatment is to ease the distress & suffering of someone who is going through mental health difficulties, freeing the person to be their full selves and engage in life in a rich and fulfilling way. If we choose to work with each other, what I will strive to provide in each session is support, insight, and recommendations which will always be given spirit of collaboration

I believe that thoughtfulness and kindness are the cornerstones of effective psychiatric practice. Knowledge and experience are crucial, and I strive to incorporate the lessons from my years of experience  alongside the newest  developments in the field of mental health. However medical treatment requires  empathy, respect and understanding to be successful.